Domestic Processing

Custom Domestic Processing (by the Critter)

(Arcadia Processing Plant only)
5425 South 11500 West
Arcadia UT


If you don’t raise your own animals, we can order quality animals straight from the producer and help you with the owner transfer required by the state. You pay the producer for the animal (prices vary depending on the market) and us for the processing.( A great way to support local farmers and fill your freezer). Here are our processing prices:

Beef Prices

Slaughter/State Brand Inspection: $95 per head
Standard Cut & Wrap: $0.70 per pound carcass weight
Ground Beef Patties: $1.00 per pound

Pork Prices

Slaughter/State Tag: $42 per head
Standard Cut & Wrap: $0.70 per pound carcass weight
Curing (Smoked Ham/Bacon): $10 per piece
Bulk Sausage $0.30 per pound

Lamb Prices

Slaughter/Cut & Wrap: $85
(Lamb prices may vary if animal is exceptionally large or small)


State Inspected (UDAF) Additional Charges (Call for Prices)

USDA Inspected Slaughter $135 per head


Not sure how you want your animal cut?

Call us and we can help you decide what cuts would work best for your family.

Prices are subject to change!